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Life with dentures is amazing, but they may need some adjusting if they impact your daily living in the following ways:

– Comfort: You may experience some initial gum soreness if your dentures feel loose, and your saliva can increase as your mouth learns to accept the new dental appliance.

– Speech: Practicing speaking aloud can help you learn to speak with dentures, though you may need to see our dentists if your dentures “click” or speaking continues to be a challenge.

– Appearance: Dentures look very natural and can greatly enhance your smile. As a result, they can improve your overall appearance.

– Diet: Some foods may not be eaten with dentures, such as hard and sticky food or chewing gum. Starting out, you should take small bites of soft foods to help your new teeth adjust.

– Duration: Our dentists may instruct you to wear your dentures around the clock at first, but you should be able to take them out at bedtime after a while.

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