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Veneers help your front teeth look appealing if they are chipped, discolored or misaligned. Veneers consist of thin, porcelain covers that are especially designed to look like your front teeth. They can hide these other issues and present people you meet with a good-looking smile.

Of course, you cannot be careless with veneers. They can be broken if you happen to bite down on the wrong thing. In fact, your natural teeth can also be hurt by these things as well, so you can protect them both by considering the following.

One problem can be hard foods. For a good example, you would not want to chew on things like ice. Veneers can be broken if you mash them down on ice, as ice is more likely to win that contest. If you like the chilly feeling of ice in your mouth, you can suck on it instead, but try to avoid biting it.

Hard foods are not your only concern. You want to take care to not bite into things that are really not intended for your mouth. This includes using your teeth to open things like plastic bags. We know it seems convenient, but your veneers may give into the pressure and break.

If you are careful of these things, you can help the veneers last. If you do need to replace some veneers, we are happy to help you here at Norterra Dental Care in Phoenix, Arizona. You can ask Drs. Kim and Heday, our dentists, about what other things you can do to get the most out of your veneers. In order to schedule things with us, please call 623-780-3333.