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Did you know that tooth hazard risks with your smile can arise if you are not using your teeth correctly? If you’re trying to open products with your teeth or are constantly snacking throughout the day, you could be extremely susceptible to various oral health risks. Furthermore, it is important to assess your diet and any potential risk factors included within it.

Did you know that several products in your dietary repertoire could be damaging your teeth and gums? If you’re eating products that are extremely sour, acidic, have a low pH level or are laden with sugars and starches, you could be putting your teeth at an increased risk of dental erosion and cavities. Exercise caution with gummy candy, sports drinks, fruit drinks, potato chips, soda or any other products that are likely to damage your teeth and gums and lead to dental erosion. Furthermore, limit snacking throughout the day as it can increase your risk for tooth decay. Instead, eat food in large meals only to help neutralize the effects of acids that may be present.

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