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Keeping your smile safe includes the avoidance of dental damage. Dental damage can often occur as oral accidents arise based on the lifestyle choices you have, and activities you are involved in. In order to ensure your smile has the best chance for a healthy future, limit or eliminate unhealthy dental damage risks in your life.

Wisdom teeth are known dental damage risk factors because they often grow in improperly. If your wisdom teeth are not growing in properly, they can lead to tooth decay, infection, or crossbites. Similarly, exercise caution with any mouth jewelry you are wearing as it can cause oral inflammation, cracked teeth, infection, and nerve damage.

Another common dental damage risk occurs due to sports. Sports, especially contact sports, can easily lead to blunt trauma. A single blow to your face can destroy your smile in an instant. Thus, you need to protect your smile but wearing the appropriate safety equipment such as oral appliances in the form of mouthguards, face mask, and helmets.

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