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Flossing should happen daily, but are you flossing your teeth too hard? Just like you can brush your teeth too hard and cause damage to your teeth and gums, if you use too much pressure when flossing, you can cause damage to your gums.

Our dentist, Dr. John Kim, is happy to help you with your flossing habit. Additionally, our team at Norterra Dental Care in Phoenix, Arizona, wants to make sure you are not hurting your mouth when you floss daily.

If you are not already flossing, when you start to floss daily, you might feel some discomfort. This is normal and expected. If the discomfort lasts for longer than two weeks, or increases into lasting pain, you should schedule an appointment to come in and see us. After about two weeks of daily flossing, any discomfort you originally felt should be reduced.

When you are flossing it is important to floss strong enough to remove any food particles or bacteria from between your teeth, but not strong enough to cause damage to your gum line. If you feel any sharp pains while flossing, you are flossing with too much pressure.

We are happy to help you with making sure you are flossing correctly. Call us today at 623-780-3333 to schedule your cleaning and exam today.